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Husband and Father.

TEN-time Dove Award nominated artist, producer, and arranger.

Director of Worship and Arts at Christ Church Nashville.

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Growing up

Christopher's first lessons were with his mother, Nancy, when he was two years old in his hometown of Douglas, GA. When he was four, his parents enrolled him a more formal training. A perfect compliment to the strict classical lessons was the less structured, lively music at his Pentecostal church. By the time he was seven, he was playing almost every Sunday there at the West Ward Street Church of God. At first, he played a small synthesizer with a tiny amplifier on the edge of the platform, and by the time he was in middle school, he was one of the main pianists for his church choir.

All throughout his childhood and teenage years, Christopher was constantly playing the piano at school functions, church services and revivals, talent competitions, weddings, funerals, banquets, civic functions — pretty much everywhere there was an audience in Coffee County, GA.

College years

The day after he graduated high school, in May of 1999, Christopher and his parents drove up to Cleveland, TN, where he lived the next four years. These four years at Lee University proved to be life-changing for Christopher. He went go on to graduate with a degree in Piano Performance under the tutelage of Dr. Phillip Thomas, but in addition to his normal studies on campus, his training in the Voices of Lee shaped Christopher's passion for music even more. Danny Murray, founder and director of Voices, taught his students the importance of hard work and pouring themselves into their music. Christopher's experiences in Voices — singing in a different church or on a different stage every weekend — were so incredibly rich and illuminating. One of the churches they visited most often was Christ Church in Nashville, TN.


Where he is now

The day after he graduated college, in May of 2003, Christopher moved to Nashville, TN. In fact, that was Christopher's first day on the job at Christ Church as Music Director. Landy and Joy Gardner, who had founded and directed the Christ Church Choir a couple decades earlier, invited Christopher to work at Christ Church after meeting him and hearing him play with the Voices of Lee. Christopher's love for gospel choir music coupled with his training and experiences at his home church growing up and then at Lee University had prepared him for this next stage.

In addition to his roles at Christ Church, Christopher has been quite prolific in the studio over the past decade or so — producing his own instrumental albums, producing other artists' albums, playing piano on others' albums, and arranging and orchestrating music for recordings.

Currently, Christopher is the Director of Worship and Arts at Christ Church.  He married Amanda in 2007, and they have two children, Jack (5) and Francine (3).